The Power of Knowledge is Knowing Your Power

Do you want to understand how you can utilize your menstrual cycle and feminine energy to achieve fullfilment in all areas of your life?
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This Course is for You if:

  • You are suffering from discomfort or pain during your cycle which effects how you show up in your life, in your relationships with yourself and others.

  • You’re struggling with hormonal imbalances or experiencing symptoms of peri menopause/menopause and want to reclaim your right to feel empowered as a woman.

  • You want to introduce a consistent self-care routine into your life or want to bring awareness of your cycle into an already existing routine.

  • You wish to access a deeper understanding about your cycle – physically, mentally, emotionally, sexually and spiritually.

  • You want to take charge of your own life and move beyond pain and shame to get clarity on self-care around your cycle to help you thrive.

Course curriculum

  • 1


    • Welcome Video

    • Welcome PDF

  • 2


    • Understanding Hormones and Yin & Yang Energies

    • About the Flow & How to Unlock it

    • Ayurveda and the Elements

    • Dosha Quiz & Determine your Imbalances

    • Three Pillars of Health

  • 3

    Inner Spring

    • Inner Spring Video

    • Inner Spring PDF

    • Inner Warior

    • Spring Journaling Prompts

    • New Beginnings Meditation

    • Yoga: Downward Moving Flow To Nurture

    • Pranayama: Luna Breathing

    • Yoga: Yin for Deep Vitality

    • Seasonal Transitions

  • 4

    Inner Summer

    • Inner Summer Video

    • Inner Summer PDF

    • Inner Creator

    • Summer Journaling Promts

    • Shakti Meditation

    • Yoga: Heartfelt Yang

    • Manifestation Meditation

    • Pranayama: Solar Breathing

    • Seasonal Transitions

  • 5

    Inner Autumn

    • Inner Autumn Video

    • Inner Autumn PDF

    • Inner Wild Woman

    • Autumn Journaling Prompts

    • Fire Ceremony Meditation

    • Yoga: Building Boundaries

    • Pranayama: Alternate Nostril Breathing

    • Yin Yoga: Home in your Skin

    • Seasonal Transitions

  • 6

    Inner Winter

    • Inner Winter Video

    • Inner Winter PDF

    • Inner Wise Woman

    • Winter journaling Prompts

    • Vision Quest Meditation

    • Yoga: Inner Sanctuary

    • Yoga: A Practice to Let Go

    • Yoga Nidra

    • Seasonal Transitions

  • 7

    Final Words

    • Final Words PDF

Gain deep vitality, take control of your health by working with the body and the elements in a sustainable way that serves you long term.

This course may help You:

  • Support the balance of your hormones, improve energy levels, mood and confidence.

  • Start or deepen Your self-care routine and spiritual practice through the wisdom of Yoga, Ayurveda and Traditional Chinese medicine in relation to your cyclical nature.

  • Encourage a natural ability to be kinder and gentle with yourself, to understand yourself and bring more awareness into your life.

  • Understand yourself better and meet your needs. Let go of cultural expectations and guilt. Grow in self-confidence.

Learn the language of Your Cyclic Nature Unlock the Powers of the Inner Seasons

This is not an approach of learning something new, but rather one of unlearning what we have been limited to belive about being female.

This course can be taken by and have huge value for anyone identifying oneself as a woman, regardless of having an existing current menstrual cycle or not! Please note that this course is not intended to be for self diagnosis or treatment purposes, but as a way of underlining the importance of lifestyle and intergrating techniques of self care into everyday life.


I am super happy with Seasons Awakening, it is the second time now I "finished" the cycle and I am about to start the third time! It really opened completely new perspectives on my body and it is amazing how accurate I resonate with each phase... One thing that really hit me was that in the end of the cycle, I did not have ANY cramps at all - normally the first 1,5 days are quite painful. So, thank you for the course and all your efforts you have put into this, it really changed my relationship to my body for the better!