Do you feel physically, mentally or emotionally heavy? Foggy? Sluggish? Like you’ve been in hibernation?

You’re not alone. As we are transition into spring frozen river water starts to melt and flow by the heat of the sun. Similarly, the stagnation in the body from the winter season also starts to liquify due to your bodies built in detox system. Our bodies are oh so wise! We just need to give it time and support and let it do its thing.

The best way to get set for natures new year

According to Ayurveda there are certain rituals we may engage in to support this process in Spring - which is considered an optimal opportunity to rest and reset our entire ecosystem. It is the time to re-awaken and shake out any accumulated sluggishness from the winter season.

I have specially designed this virtual 5 day digestion reset to support you in a gentle and comforting way. Including support pre and post to fully integrate and make the most of this experience. A cleanse does require investment, however, through committing for as little as five days, you will gain wisdom, routines, insights and rituals for a lifetime…

  • Enhance Energy

  • Foster Clarity

  • Nourish the Senses

  • Feel Lighter & Brighter

Course curriculum

  • 1

    Spring Cleanse


  • 2

    Get started with Gut Webinar

    • Spring Cleanse

    • Loving your Liver: Key to Hormonal Balance

    • Lymphatic System

    • Ama - Toxic Build up

    • Detoxing Emotions

    • Pre-cleanse protocol

    • Food is my Medicine

  • 3

    Spring into Spring: Pre-cleanse guide, prep & shopping list

    • Simplified Diet

    • Cleansing Supply Checklist

    • Daily Stress-relief practices

    • Lubricate your Digestive Tract

    • Rehydration Therapy

    • Tridoshic Triphala

    • 3 Key Steps to Prepare

  • 4

    5 Day Cleanse: Recipes

    • Balanced Meals

    • Breakfast: Simplified Prana Poridge

    • Breakfast: Simple Oatmeal with Apple

    • Breakfast: Carrot Quinoa Porridge

    • Breakfast: Stewed Fruit

    • Breakfast/Dinner: Kunyi - Rice Gruel

    • Lunch/Dinner: Simple Kitchari Recipe

    • Lunch/Dinner: Spiced Rosemary Carrot & Beet Kitchari

    • Lunch/Dinner: Quinoa & Sweet Potato Mung

    • Lunch/Dinner: Mung Dahl

    • Lunch/Dinner: Spring Clean - Veggies & Rice Soup

    • Spring Cleansing Liver Tonic

    • Ginger Tea

    • CCF Tea

    • Dandelion Tea For Liver & Hormones

    • Dandelion "Coffee"

  • 5

    Cleanse: Rituals & Routines

    • Morning Dinacharya

    • Afternoon Dinacharya

    • Evening Dinacharya

  • 6


    • Get Outdoors

    • Lymphatic Pumps

    • Yoga for Hormonal Balance

    • Cleanse & Revitalize Set

    • Ginger Epsom Cleansing Bath

    • Spring Clean Yin

    • Detoxifying & Stabilizing Breathwork

    • Energy Clearing Yoga Nidra

  • 7

    Post Cleanse Recommendations

    • What are your biggest "take aways"

    • Post Cleanse Considerations

    • Ojas Elixir

    • Blood Building Tonic

    • * Bonus Suggestion: Nettle & Raisin Water

What's included:

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  • Recorded online webinar and introduction to gut health and pre-cleanse support

  • A detailed guide to the Cleanse Process

  • Sample meal plan with Recipes

  • Recordings detailing practical ways to continue this Ayurvedic lifestyle

  • Cleansing Yoga & Pranayama Flows

  • recorded online webinar - support, Q&A and relaxation practice

  • post-cleanse support and inspiration for rejuvenation